Best Winter Wines for the Cold Soul

cold grapes for winter wines

Many people associate winter with peppermint mochas and hot cocoas. But at Vino Coterie, we like to think of wine as our go-to for the winter months. Most people think of red wine when it’s chilly outside, however, not just any wine will do. We chose only the wine that will make you feel all warm, fuzzy, and tipsy on the inside. Here are some winter wines we recommend to get you through this chilly season. 

1) Shiraz

Shiraz is known for its mighty black fruit flavors and savory undertones. This smooth red pairs well with a cozy night by the fire or alongside a nice barbecue dinner. So if you’re flaming your pit in the winter, a glass of Shiraz will be the perfect drink of choice. 

2) Viognier 

Pronounced vee-own-YAY. TThis medium-bodied white wine is an excellent winter wine. If you enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, Viognier should absolutely be on your wine rack. It’s rich, creamy, and known for its ripe fruit notes of peach, apricot, plus a hint of ginger. This white pairs well with warm roasted chicken, pad thai, and risotto.

3) Chardonnay

Winter is the perfect season to pop open a bottle of Chardonnay. Full-bodied and complex, Chardonnay is known for its ripe fruit notes of melon and pineapple. This time of year, Chardonnay is perfect alongside baked goods, creamy pasta, and corn chowder. It’s truly a winter wine must!

4) Malbec

Enjoy a good, bold wine? Then you should stock up on some Malbec this season! With Malbec’s intense notes of plum, black cherry, silky tannins, and hints of chocolate, this rich red is a perfect winter wine. Malbec pairs well with grilled steak and roasted veggies.

5) Cabernet Sauvignon 

Full-bodied red wines are in season and Cabernet is a highly regarded choice. With dark fruit flavors, mouth-watering tannins, and hints of cinnamon, Cabernet pairs well with winter dinners and cozy nights on the couch. Pair a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with short ribs, portobello mushrooms, and nice, warm soups

Keep warm this winter with red and white winter wines. Want a wine from the list that you won’t find just anywhere? Shop our online store today!

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