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December Wine of the Month: Faire la Fête Champagne

December Wine of the Month: Faire la Fête Champagne

For the last month of 2021, we have chosen a wine that’s great to celebrate with. This wine shines with it’s light golden color, vibrant aromas, and flavors of baked apple, white cherry and lemon meringue. Faire la Fête (pronounced fate) is a versatile wine that pairs well with a range of dishes and cuisines including gourmet caviar, oysters, popcorn, and even applesauce. 

About the Faire la Fête Vineyard

In French, Faire la Fête means “to party”. The name pays homage to the nearly 500-year old Mardi Gras party that takes place every year in the villages of Limoux celebrating their heritage as the inventors of sparkling wine. 

Sparkling wine was invented in Limoux (lee-moo), France, in 1531. This was more than 100-years before any sparkling wines were being made in Champagne, France. Faire la Fête is a grower-produced sparkling wine that is hand-harvested, whole-cluster pressed, and aged for 15-months en tirage, meaning in its own bottle. This method of secondary fermentation—known as the Traditional Method—originated in Limoux. It was later adopted in Champagne, where it was re-named the Champagne Method. 

Why We Chose This Wine

Last year, everyone at Vino Coterie was introduced to the brand around the holidays as it was part of our “Holiday Bubbles” package. Earlier this year we were presented to their sparkling Rosé which has now become one of our personal favorites. Sparkling wines are great all year regardless of the climate or season, which makes it a pretty versatile wine. We loved the contents of this wine and knew our Coterie would enjoy this champagne for winter months and beyond!

Where You Can Find Faire la Fête Champagne

You can find this and other champagnes on our online shop. We offer our wines at a discounted price and you can’t find this bottle at just any store!  

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