The Coterie Gift

Coterie – an exclusive group of friends with shared interests and tastes.

The Coterie is our flagship monthly mix and it will sing the wine-lovers heart out.


From The Vine

Our flagship wine subscription, The Coterie, is centered on our core love of sharing great wines with our friends. Here’s what the picks inside The Coterie have in common: through all of our wine adventures, these bottles made the “our favorites” list and so much of our pride comes from sharing these labels, and the stories behind them, with you.

What to Expect

In our box of favorites, you’ll find big, bold reds with the occasional whites, rosé, or bubbly hand-picked from our favorite wineries primarily from appellations in California. These wines will likely not be found in retail and are sourced from smaller producing wineries with great stories! The Coterie wines can be enjoyed immediately, for a special occasion, or stashed in your cellar to age and open at a later date.

Shipping is Free!

Your vino will ship out around the 20th of every month. New sign-ups (hey, that’s you!) placing orders before the 5th of every month will receive a shipment right away so you don’t have to wait too long for your wine this very first time. Then all following shipments will follow the usual schedule - keeping you perfectly stocked all month long (with our favorites that will soon become your favorites too).

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February 2021 Box

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Our mission is to discover great wines that have a unique story, and to create a community of like minded people to share them with. We want to eliminate the need to aimlessly search chain stores, waste money on poor quality wine, and be disappointed by basic retail wine.