Rosé was Made for Hot Summer Days

Rosè wine overlooking a beautiful green field

We’re already in the summer season, the temperature is picking up fast, and your body is asking you for something to cope with the hot days ahead that is chilled and delicious. While there are plenty of valid choices out there, our proposal this time is a glass of fine rosé wine.

Debunking the myth

Unfortunately, rosés are tremendously misunderstood. There is a false belief that rosés are “faulty reds” or just a simple blend of white and red. Those legends are absolutely false. And no, rosés are not bland wines made only for women.

The reality is, rosés are extremely elegant and delicate to the palate. They require grapes of the utmost quality and are subject to a highly controlled production process. This process includes a gentle pressing for just the right amount of time. This enables the winemaker to extract all the characteristics and complexity of the fruit.

A fashionably trend

There’s no denying that rosé wine is “en vogue” and its consumption is growing consistently in the US, due to their commitment to quality. These wines tend to be light-bodied, pleasant, lively, fruity and extremely refreshing and are best served chilled (between 40 to 50 F depending on how powerful they are) which make them perfect to drink either on their own or accompanying a myriad of dishes since they are more versatile than the whites or reds. Very easy to drink, they are the perfect pick for any of your summer plans, be it a picnic with friends, a family reunion, a late barbecue or a romantic date…

And a healthy one as well

For those concerned, an extra perk is rosés tend to have medium to low alcohol levels. You also must know that an ounce of rosé wine has only 25 calories and are very low carb, making them one of the best choices to keep yourself healthy and in check with your diet. Of course, we always encourage moderate consumption.

But which should I choose?

The pinnacle of the rosé comes from French Provence. They are by far the most sought after, despite being slightly pricier than others. Provenzal rosés show a very attractive pale pink colour, and combine red fruit characteristics with high acidity, the perfect combination for an aperitif or grilling in your back yard.

Let us not forget that the bubbles add an extra dimension to the rosés. There is plenty of choice in the market,
with proseccoscrémantsfrizzantescavas and of course, champangnes made with an elegant blend of pink. Any of these will take any occasion to the next level, adding a layer of glamour to any event or celebration.

Nowadays you can find on the shelf an array of amazing rosés, sparkling and still, from the US, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Some are made provencal style, some are not, some are sweeter than others, but they will all surprise you with their quality and flavours and are no less than French wines. The common denominator of them all is their refreshing quality that will make the day for any wine lover seeking some solace from the summer heat.

We really encourage you to try different styles to find what suits you best and make it your own. As an aperitif, we want to recommend you…

4 rosés for under $25 MUST try this season

UM Minuty – this Côtes de Provence dry rosé is what we’re talking about. It displays strawberry, grapefruit, melon and cherries flavours, with some watermelon as an aftertaste, which will pair fantastically with that smoked salmon salad.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Limited Release Le Rosé 2019 – this an American interpretation of the Provence rosés. This delicacy from Yakima Valley AVA, in Washington, can be described as peachy, floral, with reminiscence to kiwi and tangerine. Try it with your favourite poultry dish.

Guardo al Tasso Bolgheri Rosato Scalabrone – this wine will take you to the amazing hills of Tuscany in the bling of an eye. Its blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are the utmost expression of the terroir. With a stunning intense salmon colour, you will find raspberry strawberry and spices such as cinnamon. Cannot find a better wine to pair with that pasta carbonara.

Jansz Brut Rosé – we introduce you here a bubbly from the cooler region of Tasmania in Australia. Made according to the traditional champenoise method, besides red fruits you will find citrus, mandarine, grapefruit and even lavender. The best choice to start any party or romantic dinner, while enjoying a little “amuse-bouche”.

And fifth but not least… a Champagne.

Sakura Reserve Exclusive Rose – ok, it’s a bit pricier than the previous wines… but we couldn’t make a list skipping this amazing Champagne that brings out the best of France to your glass. Made with Pinot Noir, its bubbles explode delicately in your mouth as little pearls of blackcurrant, peach, honey and fine pastry. Cannot miss it with that charcuterie plate you’re preparing.

A gentle reminder, wine is to be enjoyed. There are no strict rules for wine pairing, there are only suggestions. The most important thing is sipping it accompanied with whatever – or by whom – makes you happy! If you’re looking for a great rosé, shop our wine selection today!

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