Why Subscribe to Wine?

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What is Vino Coterie? We are a monthly wine subscription that brings you a variety of wine from around the world to your porch! Each month’s wine will always be a little different and have something new for you to try. You may be asking yourself, why do you need a wine subscription when you […]

How to Find A New Wine to Try (Based on What You Already Like)

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Have you ever found yourself in a pattern of drinking the same wines over and over again? Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to branch out and try a new wine. However, you might not be sure how to find wines that you’ll like. Here is a guide with alternative grape varieties for some of the […]

When to Drink Versus Aged Wine Guide

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You may have heard the saying that “wine gets better with age.” This is true, sometimes! But it also depends on your personal preferences and what you like in a wine. Here’s a guide to help you determine what to hold versus what to drink when it comes to aged wine. What Makes a Wine […]

Characteristics of White Wines with Age

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For the most part, white wines tend to be best when enjoyed young. Nowadays, most people who drink white wines are looking for a crisp, fresh, light wine with fruity and floral notes. These types of white wines, like Sauvignon Blanc and unoaked Chardonnay, are best enjoyed young. The acidity wanes over time so they […]

The Benefits of a Wine Subscription

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Wine subscriptions help you discover great wines. The experts procure the wines, while you wait for a delivery at your doorstep. It’s no surprise that wine subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their quality and convenience! When you go to a wine shop or see a selection of wines online, it can […]