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The Benefits of a Wine Subscription

Shipment of wine subscription bottles

Wine subscriptions help you discover great wines. The experts procure the wines, while you wait for a delivery at your doorstep. It’s no surprise that wine subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their quality and convenience! When you go to a wine shop or see a selection of wines online, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. You might also want to branch out but don’t know where to start. A wine subscription, like the one’s we have here at Vino Coterie, is a fantastic way to frequently try new quality wines, curated by experts.

What is a Wine Subscription?

A wine subscription box is a shipment of a case of wines delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis. Your subscription can contain 3, 6, or 12 bottles of wine. These subscriptions are a great way to branch out and try new wines. If you get overwhelmed at the prospect of shopping for wine because there are just so many options or even buy bottles based solely on their look, a wine subscription could be a great choice for you. They take the hassle of selecting wines off your plate and are a great way to taste your way through the world of wine!

What’s the Best Wine Subscription Box:

We at Vino Coterie offer a tiered wine subscription service with 4 membership levels. You can also decide whether you’d like to receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles each month depending on your preferences.

Our membership levels are as follows:

• The House Pour – Delicious red and white wines at value prices. Starts at $75 for 3 bottles.

• The Passport – Red and white wines from places like Italy, France, Spain, or South America. Starts at $95 for 3 bottles.

• The Coterie (Our most popular) – Amazing red and white wines at great prices from around the world. Starts at $115 for 3 bottles.

• The Coterie Reserve – High end red wines for wine connoisseurs. Starts at $175 for 3 bottles.

Shipping is included in our pricing, wines are priced at up to 20% less than you’d find at wine shops, and all the curation is done for you so you can sit back and relax until your shipment arrives!

How Much Do Wine Subscriptions Cost?

The prices of different wine subscriptions vary, however you get what you pay for! Great wine does come with a price. Usually, high quality wines are approximately $15 to $20 per bottle or more. Wines that cost less tend to have added sugars to camouflage flat flavors or are aged with oak chips rather than in oak barrels. Spending a little more on wine is worthwhile so you can enjoy high quality wines at home. These are wines that you are proud to share and enjoy with friends and family.

Are Wine Subscriptions Worth It?

Wine subscriptions are a great monthly investment if you’re a regular wine drinker or fan of wine. Here are a few benefits of wine subscriptions:

• Great prices: The wines are typically priced at up to 20% less than the retail price, so you’re getting great value when you purchase a wine subscription.

• Build a solid wine collection at home: You’ll always have exceptional wines available at the ready at home. You can never have too many wines!

• Custom curated selection: Experts procure and curate the wines, while you get to enjoy them. We are your personal wine agent.

• Wines for aging: Some of the wines you receive improve with age. It’s an opportunity to hold onto wines in your cellar to age for a few years. Future you will be thankful!

Can You Gift a Wine Subscription?

Wine subscriptions are wonderful for gifting. You can absolutely gift a wine subscription to a family member, friend, or colleague as long as they are located within the delivery zone. We can ship anywhere in Texas and across the US with some limitations. You can input the name and address of the individual to whom you’re gifting the wine. Note that it’s a gift. Wine subscriptions are a seamless and easy way to thoughtfully gift wine! Trust us, your giftee will be pleased.

Bottom line

Wine subscriptions are a fun way to learn and  try new wines. You can select the quantity of bottles you’d like to receive based on both your budget and preferences. You can also order extra and hold onto wines in your cellar if you like wines with some age. Wine subscriptions are fun and convenient, while offering great value in the pricing. They are a great way to try new wines curated just for you! 

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