The Medical SLP Collective

I’m Theresa Richard, a medical speech pathologist and Board Certified in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. I provide online continuing education for a community of over 6000 medical speech pathologists.

We are a community of incredibly intelligent compassionate professionals who have a passion for helping patients after they’ve had a life altering diagnosis to rehab their swallow back to enjoying the food and drink they love with their friends and family.

Get your wine!

Each month we gather to learn to new ideas and concepts to help our patients and improve our careers, and adding in a wine of the month club will only enhance what we’ve all been craving over the last year.. a sense of community, forward thinking, and fun!

2019 Lobo by Wulff Vineyard Cab
Tooth & Nail The Squad Cab
2021 Tooth & Nail Destinata Carbonic Grenache
2021 Tooth & Nail Amor Fati Pinot Noir
I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat or drink something so special to me… and that includes wine.

I love the entire social experience surrounding enjoying a glass of wine with a friend. Wine represents a sophisticated and adventurous journey and pairs nicely with the offerings we have in our membership.

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