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Why Subscribe to Wine?

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What is Vino? Check out the video above to find out!

What is Vino Coterie?

We are a monthly wine subscription that brings you a variety of wine from around the world to your porch! Each month’s wine will always be a little different and have something new for you to try. You may be asking yourself, why do you need a wine subscription when you can just drive to the store? Well, we’re here to clear things up.

Vino takes the testing out of tasting

Here at Vino Coterie, we take the testing out of tasting with our wine subscription service. No more wondering if the wine you picked out at the store is good or not. With Vino’s wine test point system, we make sure that each wine is up to standards and flavorful for any palette. That means you’ll always have a great tasting wine! No more buying a bottle of wine and having a sour face on, we already did that for you.

Wine Subscriptions Raise Your Palette

How do you know you don’t like something if you never try it? The same can be said for wine. Vino Coterie brings you a variety of wine from all around the world each month. We’ll even grab you a bottle you may have never seen on the shelf before. We want you to experience a world of wine every month. This helps your palette open up and taste wine you may have never known you needed until that moment.

Subscriptions Save You Some Money

Instead of spending the extra $10 on one bottle, we’ll save you the $10 and give you a couple other bottles of wine too! Vino strives to give you the best bang for your buck. We also provide different tier subscriptions so that everyone can partake in the fun.

Start Your Curated Wine Subscription!

Ready to taste some new wine and not spend an arm and a leg each month? Sign up today to start your subscription to Vino Coterie and get your monthly wine in no time!

House Pour


A Vino Adventure

For the new wine lovers who enjoy a good glass and want to show off their newfound expertise to friends and family.



Wines of the World

For the wanderlust hearts. Experience a world of wine from Italy, France, Spain, and South America.



Rare Vineyard Finds

Our most popular option. Tasting amazing wines at fair prices has never been made easier.



For the Collector

Created with the collector in mind. Only the finest of wines everytime.