Good Friends. Great Wine.

Why We’re Thankful for Wine

Being thankful for wine on Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year where we say our thanks to the people and things in our life. Some are thankful for their dogs, others are thankful for their spouses, some are just thankful for the seasonal pumpkin pie. At Vino Coterie, we’re thankful for a lot of things, but we’re very much thankful for wine. Pour a glass of your favorite bottle, and we’ll tell you all the reasons we enjoy our favorite way to consume grapes. 

Reason #1: It Makes a Great Gift

Going to a friendsgiving and don’t know how to cook? Bring a bottle of wine! Not sure what to get someone for their birthday? Grab a nice looking bottle of wine! Need a last minute Christmas gift? You guessed it, a bottle of wine! Almost everyone loves a good bottle of wine and when you buy something out of the norm, it makes the recipients feel like they are enjoying something new. The Vino Coterie online shop has a huge selection of wines that you can’t find at any old grocery store. 

Reason #2: A Wine for Every Dish

Whether you’re eating a type of fish, a rack of lamb, or a vegetarian option, there is a wine that pairs perfectly with your meal. In fact, we have a whole blog about how to perfectly pair your wine and dishes together. Wine is the perfect complement to any meal and for that, we are forever grateful.

Reason #3: Health Benefits

Want to get healthy? Drink some wine! In moderation, of course. Wine has proven to be a health benefit in more ways than one. Some of these benefits include reduced risks of high blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, lower risk of strokes and so much more. So next time you’re thinking of getting that bottle of wine, do it. It might be what the doctor orders.

Reason #4: There’s Something for Everyone

If you like more sweet tastes, there’s Moscatos and Zinfandels. Like a more dry taste? There’s Merlot’s and Chardonnay’s that are right up your alley. And for the ones that enjoy something more bubbly, Champagne all the way. No matter your taste buds, there’s a wine for you. And as your palate grows, you may even find yourself enjoying other types of wine outside of your usual realm.

Reason #5: It Brings People Together

The main reason we are thankful for wine is for the fact that it brings people together. We started Vino Coterie because we wanted to bring together a group of friends who enjoyed wine. Quickly, we grew and now have many friends like you. We are always having events, and at the heart of each event is wine. Wine is what started our Coterie and it’s our love of wine that’ll keep our Coterie strong (and healthy). And if you’d like to join our Coterie, you can sign-up today.

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