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2019 Chotard Sancerre Rouge Chant de I’Archet

2019 Chotard Sancerre Rouge Chant de I’Archet

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A slow, cold ferment and a long élevage in old wood help showcase the elegance, dark fruit, and spiced nose of this profound and grand Pinot.

Daniel Chotard and his wife, Brigitte, live just outside Sancerre in the village of Reigny. The Chotard family has been making wine for well over 200 years. The terroir of Sancerre is widely regarded as producing one of the greatest expressions of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The Chotards grow Pinot Noir as well, used to make both red wine and rosé. Daniel and his son Simon farm the slopes of the village Crezancy-en-Sancerre, a terroir of clay and the famous Kimmeridgian limestone. The hilltop town of Sancerre is surrounded by a commune of villages, each blessed with varieties of a distinct limestone that imbue a lengthy mineral component to its wines.

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House Pour


A Vino Adventure

For the new wine lovers who enjoy a good glass and want to show off their newfound expertise to friends and family.

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