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2019 Schrader Cellars Double Diamond Cab

2019 Schrader Cellars Double Diamond Cab

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With their lush flavors and food-friendly profile, the Double Diamond Cabernet Sauvignons are the darlings of the Schrader portfolio. A true Napa Valley Cabernet, this medium-full-bodied red bursts with red fruit, wild blueberries, and cassis and finishes long and spicy.


Wine Profile

Name: 2019 Schrader Cellars Double Diamond Cab

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Red

Country of Origin: USA

Region: Napa Valley, California

Alcohol Content: 14.7%

Year: 2019


About the Winery


Mastrojanni has been writing history with its wines since 1975, collecting awards from all over the world. In those years, only a few entered the wine-making adventure in Montalcino. These lands have been poorly populated and poorly cultivated throughout the history of humanity: the land was therefore virgin, clean, without any form of pollution which man was then able to deface. It was here in 1975 that lawyer, Gabriele Mastrojanni bought the San Pio and Loreto estates and decided to plant his first vineyards, of which part are still producing our wines today.


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House Pour


A Vino Adventure

For the new wine lovers who enjoy a good glass and want to show off their newfound expertise to friends and family.

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