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2021 Royal Prince Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2021 Royal Prince Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

$60.00 Regular Price
$52.99Sale Price

Big, bold and racy, this Cabernet Sauvignon has a dense purple, almost opaque hue and offers up an electrifying bouquet dark red, blue and black fruits with notes of tobacco leaf, graphite and spicy oak. Opulent and layered it flexes its power but is framed by refreshing acidity with silky, sweet tannins.

Royal Prince Wines is a boutique wine company based in the Napa Valley, offering wines that consistently transcend the expectations of their price points. They are able to do this thanks to their unique access to a rarefied tier of winegrowing partners. They make wine honestly, source the best wines they can find, and employ a minimalist approach to growing, blending, and bottling.

Royal Prince Wines upholds the highest quality at every point in the process. Their responsibility to produce great wine is their lodestar. They touch every price point, creating wines of precision, power, elegance, and zero pretentiousness. All of this defines their mission: to democratize deliciousness.

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For the new wine lovers who enjoy a good glass and want to show off their newfound expertise to friends and family.

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