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2022 Language of Yes 'Cuvee Sinso'

2022 Language of Yes 'Cuvee Sinso'

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This red blend, inspired by French winemaking, is primarily based on Cinsaut. The Cinsaut and Syrah grapes were co-fermented for two weeks to extract rich color and texture. A touch of Grenache from Rancho Réal was added to enhance the fragrance. After aging in neutral barrels and stainless steel, the resulting wine is exuberantly fragrant and has a soft palate, evoking flavors of red and black fruit, particularly black currant and black raspberry.

"The Language of Yes" or La Langue d'Oç is the term that medieval folk of southern France and adjacent environs used to describe who they were by how they spoke (differentiating themselves from "La langue d'oil" spoken by their northern neighbors - a qui bit of parochialism, 'non?). "The Language of Yes," a precursor of modern Provençal, is a window to a particular sensibility - the language of the love poetry of the troubadours - one that esteemed passion and romance above cerebration and most significantly, expressed a deep, almost mystical love of the land.

So, what's up, d'Oc? "The Language of Yes" is the language we seek to articulate in our far-flung New World outpost in the Central Coast of California, a dedication to affirmation and positivity. Great wine can only come from vignerons who love their land deeply, and whose love poetry is the vinous expression of their passion. The Language of Yes wines preserve the old ways, revealing the utmost respect for the integrity of the sites form which they derive. The raising of the wine is done with the lightest possible hand, allowing the natural exuberance of the vines, the grapes, the wine and the winemaker to joyously emerge, unmistakably pronouncing The Language of Yes.

All of the above is just fancy way of saying that The Language of Yes owes a cultural and aesthetic, even moral debt to the wines and vignerons of southern France. However, bear in mind that what we are trying to achieve here is not to blindly emulate the Frenchies, but rather, to try and find our own original style and voice, informed by the uniqueness of the vineyards, climats, and by the (mostly) sunny disposition of the Central Coast of California. The Language of Yes is certainly a journey of discovery, continuously working rather more to find, than to create complexity and soulfulness in the vines and wines.

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