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2022 Summer Dreams 'Stargazing'

2022 Summer Dreams 'Stargazing'

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“Radiating like a polished ruby, this wine reveals red berry aromas intertwined with cedar and sandalwood. Its medium body crackles with energy, delivering bursts of dark fruit, earthy undertones, and floral hints. The firm, fine-grained tannins and lively backbone lead to a long, tingling finish. It’s a spicy, complex sensation.

‘I’m a direct descendent of Jacques Cartier, the cartographer,” Jayson Woodbridge tells me, seemingly apropos of nothing. But nothing is random or out of context with Jayson. For example, he describes Cartier as a cartographer, not an explorer-the profession by which Cartier is better known. With Jayson, every casually offered piece of shared information is specific and purposeful, whether you get it or not.

We’re embarking on another of our epic tastings when he drops the comment about his ancestry. It’s a scene-setter, providing context amidst a vast sea of vinous places and winemaking variables. Messages in bottles. It was only two years since I last tasted with Jayson, then for my last article for Robert Parker Wine Advocate. Still, here we are with more than thirty new releases since then to navigate, including a journey into uncharted territory.

New Woodbridge worlds. There’s so much happening on Jayson’s tasting table that it’s easy to get lost. We won’t, of course, because Jayson has the map.

This tasting includes the new releases from three labels/wineries owned and made by Jayson and his wife Helen: Summer Dreams, Fortunate Son, and Hundred Acre.



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